Advice on how to begin growing a beard

how to begin growing a beard

A beard takes some time to grow. You must be patient and realistic, as progress does not occur overnight. And you must throw away myths concerning that regular shaving helps to strengthen or accelerates hair growth – it does not.  Continue Reading

How to comb your beard

How to comb your beard

It is very important that you learn how to comb your beard correctly, as it is a very delicate subject. Just as everyone’s face is different from another, so are beards different, but there are certain rules and steps that apply to all equally.Continue Reading

Learn how to moisturize your big beard

hydrate your beard

Learning how to keep your beard moisturizer is one of the most important steps to maintain it looking healthy and shiny.

Not only do we need to moisturize the hair of our beards to fortify it, but the skin from where it grows. Our facial skin plays a very important role in the proper development of our beards, as a very dry or sloughed skin will interfere with its hair growth.  Continue Reading

Learn how to cure dandruff on the big beard

Beard Dandruff

There are several theories of what generates the most dandruff and exacerbates facial skin flaking under beards, dealing with colder climates, stress, and a fungus called Pityrosporum ovale, which lives in the human body and deadens skin.Continue Reading

Tips on how to stop beard itch

beard itches

One of the main reasons many men quit growing their beards is due to the very uncomfortable itching present during the first days of growth. But why do they itch? And, are there anyways to avoid it?Continue Reading